24 November 2017

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Asphalt is a very beneficial component that is for asphalt road. There are some procedures for asphalt manufacture and asphalt drum mix plant is one of the main procedures from them. The main advantage of this asphalt mix plant is the controlled heating and mixing of the elements. Asphalt mix plant is the black and dark brown adhesive substance that controls bitumen as the most crucial ingredient. Asphalts are particularly complex materials that contain and saturated and unsaturated compounds.

Mechanism for Asphalt Drum Mix Plant:

The major equipment of an asphalt drum mix plant:
  •        Aggregate feeder for regulating the flow of aggregate
  •         Vibratory screen removes the over sized and unnecessary materials from feeder
  •         Conveyor to receive aggregate, and feed to dryer
  •         Burner
  •         Drying and mixing Drum where mixing of asphalt and bitumen is arranged
  •         Asphalt tank that is insulated for heat control
  •         Mineral filler to feed mineral to the drum
  •         Control panel to manage the production quantity and quality
  •         Fuel Tank     
  •         Pollution Control Mechanism